Alexander Whitley | ANTI-BODY | SWR/ARTE

Redaktion Dance, News

This new work by digitally innovative Alexander Whitley explores the form of the human body and technological drive to transcend it

Bits and bytes flicker in the cold light, while wild, expressive bodies move between translucent screens. Three dancers are immersed in streams of motion responsive visuals, presenting a symbiotic relationship between body and technology.
Through a live motion capture system, the dancers become at once set, lighting and characters in a narrative where the boundaries between self and other, human presence and digital pattern, become increasingly hard to define.
Set to an electrifying and soul-stirring score by Mercury Prize 2021 nominated composer Hannah Peel and music producer Kincaid, Anti-Body explores the drive to transcend the material constraints of the human body and the promise of freedom this dream is built upon. Charting different courses through an illusory visual world of abstract code and uncanny beauty created by Uncharted Limbo Collective, the three performers embody the many questions and tensions we face as possibilities for life in a disembodied form become ever more real.

Video Director: Benedict Mirow | SWR/arte | UHD