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Recording ZDF/UNITEL/ARTE/Bayerische Staatsoper | Stage Director: Christoph Marthaler | Video Director: Benedict Mirow

Story: Giuditta was to be Franz Lehár’s ticket to the world of opera: His “Spieloper” or “musical comedy” was triumphantly premiered in January 1934. Intoxicating melodies and borrowings from Puccini, whom Lehár admired, and his tragically loving characters stand alongside operetta-like innocuousness. However, the end of the plot is by no means cheerful; the lovers Giuditta and Octavio go their separate ways in resignation. The “musical comedy” thus only seems to stand in
stark contrast to the social present of the emerging war, the 1930s. Director Christoph Marthaler, known for his whimsically beautiful theatre evenings, picks up on the ambivalence of Lehár’s characters, who vacillate between opulence and resignation, between euphoria and the abyss. Giuditta in Christoph Marthaler’s version tells a love story within the turmoil and confusion of
the times, brilliantly realised by a top-class cast led by Vida Miknevičiūtė and Daniel Behle.

Video Director: Benedict Mirow | Length: approx. 157′ | Shot in UHD HDR | Stereo & 5.1 | ZDF/UNITEL/ARTE/Bayerische Staatsoper

GIUDITTA – J.P. Abella, S. Zuber © Wilfried Hösl