Hilary Hahn – A Portrait

Redaktion Documentaries

Hilary HahnMusic experts have called Hilary Hahn a „talent of the century“-and there is no doubt that she is one of the 21st century`s classical music icons. The young violinist jets from one concert to the next in the metropolises of the world with the professionalism and self-possession of a pop star. Anyone wishing to make a portrait of Hilary Hahn can only do so on the go.
We accompany the artist on her travels, which include stops at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Berlin Philharmonie and the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. An intimate portrait emerges, of a cosmopolitan young woman who is able to fill well-known classical works with a new intensity that is also fascinating for young audiences.

Duration: 60 minutes
Format: 16:9 – Stereo
Digital Betacam – PAL/NTSC

Commissioning Editor: Korbinian Meyer (BR/ARD)
Director: Benedict Mirow
Producer: Manfred Frei

A coproduction of LOFT and NIGHTFROG in cooperation with DGG and IMG Artists commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk © 2005

[flv:/webvideo/hilary_hahn_korngold.flv 400 225]
David Cehoe (Narrator)
Atul Rahul Jain, Amadeus Hiller, Matthias Boch, Florian Licht, Burhan Özdal, Björn Kurt, Dennis Rosenberger (Camera Operators) and Matthias Boch (Steadicam Operator)

Silvio Reichenbach ( Sound)
Benedict Mirow (Editor)
Melanie Landa ( Title-Design & Assistant Editor)
Oliver Tost (Colorist)
Michael Mitschka (VoiceOver Recording)
Sven Mevissen (Re-Recording)
Fridemann Leipold (Conceptual Adviser)

Recording Abbey Road Studios, London
and Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft