Terezín – Refuge in Music wins the ICMA Award 2014 in Warsaw

Redaktion Awards, DVD

IMG_6950Yesterday our documentary film Refuge in Music has won the DVD Documentary category at the 2014 International Classical Music Awards in Warsaw.

Refuge in Music by Dorothee Binding and Benedict Mirow is a poignant documentary about the Terezin ghetto and includes a moving concert with music written by composers who lived in the camp. Anne-Sofie von Otter and Daniel Hope are tireless in their efforts to draw attention to this repertoire and they deserve recognition not only for their commitment but also for tge musical expertise they show while performing Schulhoff, Haas, Krasa Ullmann…

The film tells the Terezin story through a varied structure of interviews, musical performance, and interviews with musicians who were imprisoned in the camp.

More at our project website Refuge-in-music.com